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We’ve had some serious hits and misses in the gluten-free pancake/waffle arena. Often thick and gummy they were dependent on the quality of flours, usually the worse the nutrition profile the better my family liked them. Of course.

I tried making my own paleo recipes and they were rarely well received – usually soggy and after several cups of almond flour and 6 eggs they were usually pretty rich as well.Intro Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix. My family ALL loves these pancakes and waffles. And it is full of decent ingredients. And you only add water to the mix. Nothing else. Makes my life easier + healthy ingredients everyone loves for the win!

If you can find a sale or use Thrive Market you can pay as little as $4.50 a bag. However, here’s a game changer – our Midwest Costco now carries this in a ginormous 42 oz bag, for an amazing $10.99! That’s 3 1/2 time’s the amount of the standard 12 oz bag. Great deal! One 12 oz bag is enough for our family of five with a few leftovers. I hope your family enjoys this product as much as we do! You can also find the product on Amazon at this affiliate link.

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