Aldi ‘Live GFree’ Spring Finds

Ok Aldi you had me at Key Lime and Meyer Lemon! So excited about these new mixes. Definitely on the nutrition profile of an occasional treat, I for one love options that my girls think are fun to bake and share.

Aldi is a my go to for gluten-free pasta, wraps, pretzels, baking mixes (CARBS)… mostly for my kids. It makes offering them gluten-free options affordable and also keeps my kitchen gluten-free which makes me happy.


I love that these mixes scream spring and beautiful weather…

Did I mention Nebraska is getting another blizzard tomorrow. Augh. Over it! The hubby and I are headed to the Bahamas in a few weeks to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. 😍 So I guess that’ll have to get me through this next downturn in weather and also some baking to channel our inner spring weather!

Stay tuned for some pics on Instagram of these baked goods 😉

Aldi Gluten-Free Spring Cake Mixes

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