Gluten-Free Restaurants

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Disclaimer.. There’s always one right? I am not giving out medical advice. Please be an advocate for yourself, do your research and call ahead to let the kitchen know you are coming. Please ask questions and please, please tell the manager (not just the server) that you have celiac disease and your dietary needs are a medical concern, NOT a lifestyle choice.

Restaurants that have been trained by Beyond Celiac’s GREAT Kitchen’s restaurant program:

Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar -West and Downtown Locations

Venue Restaurant & Lounge – Lincoln, NE

Cactus Modern Cantina – Lincoln, NE

Restaurants that offer a gluten-free menu and/or have management support to ensure precautions are taken with a gluten-free request (if alerted… again BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE).

Biaggi’s – West Omaha

Blue Sushi -West and Downtown Locations

Coneflower Creamery – Blackstone/Downtown

Crystal Jade – Central Omaha

Flemings – West Omaha

Hiro 88 Millard -West and Downtown Locations

Modern Love – Downtown Omaha

Roja Mexican Grill – Downtown & West locations

Twisted Fork Saloon – Downtown Omaha

Vitality Bowls – Midtown and West locations

801 Chophouse – Downtown Omaha

Please contact to suggest additions to this list.

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