Big Cedar Lodge

Now this place is A-mazing.  It transports you to a whole different world, far from the Missouri/Arkansas line.  An ancient, cozy wilderness. Think Disney World meets Bass Pro Shop and you get a fun, themed resort that thrives on kid and adult friendly relaxation.IMG_0005

My husband’s family rented two cabins at Big Cedar in the middle of summer.  We did quite a few meals at our cabins, the beauty of having a full kitchen. Our group of 15 decided to have a nice dinner at Top of the Rock, part of the resort area.  When I called to make a dinner reservation for 15 people at the Osage Restaurant at the Top of the Rock at Big Cedar Lodge I was surprised to hear they would not be able to accommodate someone with celiac disease.

While I thoroughly appreciated their honesty, that a recent change in pizza crust preparation had resulted in obscene amounts of flour being vaulted into the air, I was a bit sad.  It was likely the only meal out with the family and it’s just hard to always feel excluded from meals. I expressed my sadness, but was appreciative of their concern. 

I then received a call back later that day and the manager informed me that they spoke with the executive chef and he was willing to make whatever dish I preferred in the Buffalo Bar kitchen, an area free from the airborne flour. Wow.  What service! I placed my order via email the week before our dinner and when we arrived that night this was our table! IMG_0051

Serenity was our waitress and I can honestly say I have NEVER had such attentive service for a gluten-free meal. They recommended we were seated outdoors due to the flour in the air in the restaurant. The staff had wiped down all the menus and cleaned the silverware, rolled it in fresh linens and bagged it separately from the rest of the restaurant equipment. Unreal. That is a first for me. They poured my water from a separate pitcher that they filled at the Buffalo Bar. I ordered the scallops appetizer and the halibut entree. They were both delicious! The scallops were served with a creamed, charred corn which was the perfect summer accompaniment. IMG_0059IMG_0064The halibut was tender and flavorful with beautifully seared crust and a lightly seasoned tomato and asparagus medley. The hubs and I shared a bottle of Malbec and the night was phenomenal all the way around! At sunset they perform a Top of the Rock Signature Sunset Ceremony. There are truly stunning views of sunset at Top of the Rock. They top off the view with bagpipe music and the firing of an authentic Civil War cannon.  Definitely a top highlight of our stay.  Thanks so much to the staff at the restaurant for wonderful, SAFE meal!





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