Gluten-Free at Hyatt Regency Maui

I am a big fan of Hyatt Hotels and restaurants. But I did have one thing occur during our stay worth mentioning.


The last day we ordered lunch at the Hyatt Residence Club pool. This was an awesome zero entry pool that we found to be a little more quiet than the main pool. I ordered the fish tacos gluten-free – which was listed on the menu. Here’s a pic of what I received (they were #SOGOOD)

But unfortunately here is our bill.


Yep They charged me $2 to omit the 3 corn tortillas and add lettuce instead and I didn’t get the fries like the hubs did. This kinda thing just gets me all fired up. Not cool Hyatt.

Our last day had a few gluten-free highs. Flights out of Hawaii are almost always red eyes so you have a full day to enjoy before heading to the airport. The down side is you spend the whole day thinking about that awful overnight flight home! Unless you can sleep (like the hubs). We had one spot we wanted to hit on our way to the airport. It was the Ocean Vodka organic farm and distillery. Vodka = more sleep on plane! See more about our visit to Ocean Vodka here.

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