Merriman’s Kapalua

IMG_0040If you want local Hawaiian cuisine and amazing sunset views look no further than the Merriman’s restaurant chain. We made reservations several weeks in advance for a sunset dinner at the Maui location in Kapalua.  We also dined at the Merriman’s in Kauai. Our night in Kauai wasn’t overwhelmingly awesome as far as food or service goes and an overcast sky made for a less than spectacular sunset.  Bummer.

The Maui location did have some perks over the Kauai restaurant. The setting is light and airy. They have a huge deck that shoots out in front of the restaurant, making for amazing photo opportunities with the sun setting over the island of Lanai. We also spotted whales while we were dining.  #SOGOOD!

The service here was great, they were courteous about my request to speak to a manager about placing my order and I feel the food was safe. The delivery execution could have been better. I appreciate a confirming “Here is your gluten-free order.” It really goes a long way in proving that the restaurant is truly communicating about your needs. That did not happen and it makes me wonder about the restaurants level of service.

The Merriman’s name catches a high price so I had equally high expectations for dinner. I ordered a split of two entrees, local fish and scallops, and asked for them to omit the beans in one of the dishes. Wait.. but aren’t beans gluten-free you may be asking? Well.. tough answer. I rarely eat grains at restaurants (see this study completed in 2010 showing that grains not labeled gluten-free had a high risk of cross contamination) and unfortunately beans fall in this same “risky” category.

The staff unfortunately forgot to omit them but they were easy enough to pick around so no huge deal. The meal itself just got an ok. It was good seafood, not amazing… but you pay for this gorgeous setting for sure.

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